Jeffrey A. Hawk is a founding partner of Hawk Sing & Ignacio and focuses on criminal defense and personal injury.

Mr. Hawk was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but was raised since the age of five in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mr. Hawk graduated from Iolani School in 1985 alongside partner Benjamin Ignacio.

Mr. Hawk received his Bachelor’s Degree in 1989 from the University of California, Berkley where he majored in English. After serving as the Editor in Chief of Hawaii Remodeling magazine, Mr. Hawk entered the William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii at Manoa, earning his law degree in 1997.

Following his graduation from law school, Mr. Hawk joined the Office of the Public Defender, where he was quickly immersed in the high volume, high pressure world of indigent criminal defense. As a Deputy Public Defender Mr. Hawk quickly developed a reputation as a tenacious and uncompromising courtroom fighter protecting the rights of those with the twin burdens of being both impoverished and accused of crime by the State of Hawaii. Mr. Hawk worked as a Public Defender until the launching of Hawk Sing & Ignacio in 2003.

Mr. Hawk has been recognized as one of Hawaii’s “Young Gun” criminal defense attorneys by You and the Law legal programming, and has lectured on legal issues related to domestic violence defense. Mr. Hawk currently serves on the Defender Council, overseeing the State of Hawaii Office of the Public Defender.